Corporate Responsibility

Employee Care

Our staff take part in regular community events to do our part in helping our communities grow. Community work is an integral part of our beliefs and we hope to contribute in every way possible to better our society by using our unique resources and mobilizing our active volunteerism. Tian Tian Ventures is about being more than just a corporation, we aim to create a positive difference in the people’s lives.

Green Initiative

TTgreen, Tian Tian Ventures’ corporate social responsibility program, is committed to protecting the environment, health and the safety of our employees as well as consumers. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint, beginning with our environmental friendly electrical car fleets, as well as directing more user traffic to partners with environmental friendly programs to encourage our partners to improve their carbon footprint. Tian Tian Ventures’ socially responsible policy has successfully reduced our carbon footprint by 80% in 2018 and we aim to better that by converting all of our car fleets to environmentally green cars by 2020.

TTV Charitable Foundation

Founded in 2016, the TTV Charitable Foundation is committed to inspiring entrepreneurship worldwide. By leveraging the resources and intellectual capital of Tian Tian Ventures, the Foundation empowers entrepreneurs, promotes job growth, and supports the communities in which we live and work. TTV is committed to giving back to our communities, to seeding the future generations of entrepreneurs that can potentially change the technological landscape in the future.

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